Helpful, quick cooking videos that teach you chef's tricks and techniques for making healthy, delicious plant-based vegetarian recipes.  Farmer's Market clips to share you tips on picking fresh produce.  Shopping tours of Asian and Mexican ingredients as well as grains, rice, lentils, and other plants.  Many of the recipes are gluten-free and oil-free.  All are 100% vegan.  Led by Chicago Personal Chef Katie Simmons

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60-Second Recipe Videos

All of these videos show you a full recipe, from start to finish, in under 60 seconds.  So you can channel your inner Ninja skills

Quick-Cooking Videos

Hungry?  With only minutes to spare?  These quick videos from Chef Katie show you how to make a satisfying, delicious dish in just minutes.  From her 5 Minute Asian Noodle Bowl to Sweet Broiled Bananas, these are must-have, go-to recipes for your plant-based cooking repetoire.  

How to Cook

From peeling fennel, to roasting peppers and making your first flax "egg", these videos offer Chef Katie's tips and tricks for tackling that new vegetable and making the most of your plant-based cooking.  You must learn these classic techniques for ultimate delicious, healthy cooking.

How to Shop

From picking the perfect pepper to finding Chickpea flour, join Chef Katie as she gives you her chef's tips and tricks on choosing the best ingredients.  She'll be strolling down the aisles of her favorite Mexican and Asian markets, checking out the seasonal produce at the local farmer's markets, and investigating some of the new foods in your plant-based cooking.  Delicious recipes start with delicious ingredients, and Chef Katie will make sure you're ready to get cookin'.

Just for Fun

Corn Twins!  Giant Mushrooms!  The world of plants is so diverse that sometimes Mother Nature pops up in unexpected places.  Chef Katie shares these fun finds with you, as well as some fun plant trivia.  Share these at your next party, or use them to start a scavenger hunt at the farmer's market for your own "Plant-spirations".  Plant-based, healthy cooking is always inspiring with unique surprises.