Chef Katie offers personal chef services, engaging cooking classes, fun food demonstrations, exciting lectures, honest coaching, inspired cookbook design, and more.  She is here to help you make healthy food choices, learn new recipes, and preserve your own food story.  She has been ranked the #1 Best Personal Chef in Chicago for two years and consistently receives great reviews for all of her services 

Do you need a Personal Chef to help you eat a healthy diet?

Have you wanted to take your own cooking skills to the next level?

Have you ever considered a food demo for your next corporate event or family party?

Have you ever wanted to write a cookbook but need help with designing the right layout, creating beautiful photos, and finding descriptive words for your recipes?

Chef Katie is here to help.

#1 Ranked Personal Chef in Chicago

A Week of Healthy Meals Delivered to Your Fridge

A Week of Healthy Meals Delivered to Your Fridge

As a personal chef, Chef Katie works with a variety of clientele in the Chicago area, from busy moms to healthy-conscious celebrities.  She has been named the #1 Personal Chef in Chicago for 2015 and 2016.

As a classically trained chef, Katie cooks any menu her clients request, including meat, seafood, and dairy.  Her focus is always to use fresh, whole ingredients, cooking from scratch.  She minimizes the use of refined oils, sugars, syrups, and processed foods.  She will introduce you to new flavors from around the world with her diverse menu.  

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Named #1 Personal Chef in Chicago (2015 and 2016) by Thumbtack

Lisa S.
64d ago

Katie has been cooking for my family for two years. She is by far the best personal chef that I have ever had. She is a delight to work with in creating delicious menus around a gluten sensitivity that I have. Every week, Katie comes up with a nutirtious and varied meal plan for us. She has certainly increased our interest in eating a variety of vegetables and serves them with meat and fish pairings that are delicious. We love the variety of her different dishes and the fact that all the food is fresh and organic. She is very conscious of this in her careful grocery shopping and will advise us if a fish that I wanted to have was looking fresh or not. Then she will take a pass. When my adult children and their husbands come for a visit, they immediately throw open the fridge and ask has Katie been in. In addtion to our regular scheduled weekly deliveries, Katie caterd the most perfect summer bridal lucheon for my daughter and her bridesmaids in our LP back yard. I enthusiastically recommend Katie and my family and I have never been disappointed by her cooking skill, the wide variety in her menus and her sunny and caring disposition. A very pleased and enthusiastic customer!

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Engaging Cooking Classes, Fun Lectures, and Exciting Demos

Chef Katie In-Home Cooking Class

Chef Katie In-Home Cooking Class

Have you ever looked for a unique gift for someone who loves food?  Have you ever wanted to hone your own cooking skills?  Chef Katie is available for lectures, specialized hands-on group training, culinary team builds, and custom demonstrations involving healthy cooking tricks and classic culinary techniques.  She will work you to create a personalized menu, whether it's for one-on-one knife skills, hands-on pasta-making for 20, or a culinary tour of Italian-American history.

Honest, Real Coaching

With over 14 years experience in the fitness industry as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor, Katie's knowledge and experience will help you tackle your biggest challenges.  Everyone needs support.  Katie pairs education and motivation with a contagious energy that will keep you inspired.  Coaching includes personalized meal plans and shopping lists, plus private phone sessions to keep you on track.

Coach in Fitness and in Food

Coach in Fitness and in Food

Inspired Cookbook Design


Have you ever considered creating a cookbook as a gift?  Cookbooks can tell the story of your family's history of a cancer survivor.  Chef Katie will work with you to make the process fun and engaging.  She will help you choose the best recipes, design the appropriate layout, and create stunning photos that are bound together in unforgettable memories.  

Homemade Sweet Potato Gnocchi

Homemade Sweet Potato Gnocchi

Create Your Own Holiday Cookbook! 

Create Your Own Holiday Cookbook! 

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