Recommended Plant-Based Resources: Watch

A helpful collection of recommended movies and videos focusing on living a healthy, plant-based lifestyle.  A beginner's list will help you get started with an introduction to the basics of a whole foods, oil-free vegan diet.  More advanced learning dives further into specific topics on nutrition, health conditions and  the food industry.  

Must-Watch Movies:

Beginner's Collection

Just starting to explore idea of adopting a plant-based diet?  
Curious about the health effects of going meat-free?

These are some of the foundational movies behind the plant-based movement.  

Forks Over Knives was released in 2011, and it sparked a conversation on how diet can help prevent and reverse the most common diseases, including heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.  Watch this movie to start your own conversation on how you might benefit from a plant-based lifestyle.

Coming Soon to Theaters!

Coming Soon to Theaters!

More Movies and Video Clips

Advanced Collection


Do you have more specific questions about the food industry?  Do you have concerns about specific health issue?  These movies and video clip deeper into specific topics.  Explore more about the impact a plant-based, whole foods diet has on the environment, dietary concerns, and specific health questions.