Global Flavors: Healthy, Plant-Based, Oil-Free Vegan Recipes and Cooking Techniques

This is your essential resource for healthy, plant-based recipes and traditional cooking techniques from around the world.  Learn the history behind Mexican, Asian, Italian, and African cuisines.  Explore the ingredients and flavors characteristic of each region.  Recipes adapt these traditions for an oil-free, whole foods, vegan diet.


Global Favors: Healthy, Plant-Based, Oil-Free Vegan Recipes and Traditional Cooking Techniques from Around the World

How do you make your favorite Mexican Enchiladas fit your healthy, plant-based lifestyle?

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These are my Chef's Guides for Global Flavors.  Use these resources to learn about the history of specific regions.   Apply these tips to adapt recipes for your healthier cooking:

1) Traditional Cooking Techniques

2) Essential Recipes and Ingredients

3) Healthy, Plant-based, Oil-Free Vegan Recipes


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