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How Does a Personal Chef Work? Answers to your Common Questions

About Personal Chef Katie Simmons

What is a personal chef?
A personal chef is a professional chef who cooks meal personalized to your tastes and dietary preferences.  I make your life simpler by providing you with healthy, delicious meals and snacks for you to heat and enjoy at your convenience.

How does it work?
You come home from a busy day, open the fridge, and find restaurant-quality food waiting for you.  In our initial consultation, I’ve already learned what you like and don't like, allergies, and specific diets, so everything is exactly the way you want it.  You approve the menu and ingredients every time, so there are no unhappy surprises.  I do all of the grocery shopping and take care of the hard work.  I leave you with thorough reheat instructions.  All you have to do is enjoy!

Isn't a personal chef just for celebrities and rich people?
No! All kinds of people hire personal chefs: busy families, a home with two working spouses, people with specific dietary requirements, patients undergoing strict medical procedures on special diets, those who simply prefer to let others do the cooking, as a gift for new parents or just for fun!  Typically, my clients most enjoy the ease and convenience of having healthy, delicious food ready to enjoy.

Do I really need a personal chef?
I'm here to make your life easier!  Do you feel there's never enough hours in the day?  Are you having trouble finding ways to stick to a particular diet?  Are you sick of take-out or trying to please everyone in your family?  Let me help!  My diverse menu and vast experience with dietary requests will bring the excitement back to the dinner table.

Why don't I just go out to a restaurant?
A restaurant can't possibly offer the same level of personalized service that I do. With Chef Katie Simmons, dishes tailored to your personal tastes.  You can specify everything from the salt content to the brand of GMO-free coconut sugar you want to use.  Name a restaurant that can do that!

What services do you offer?
I can cook everyday meals for you on a monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly schedule, or whenever you like.  I can also prepare food in your home for small-scale dinner parties or cocktail parties.  A full list of services may be found here.  I am happy to customize any service to fit your needs.

My husband/wife is vegetarian, and I'm a die-hard carnivore.  Can you help?
Yes!  This situation is actually quite common, and is just another day on the job for a personal chef.  This is what I do.

I am allergic to nuts…I want to go gluten-free…I hate spicy food and mushrooms.  Can you prepare meals for me?
Absolutely!  We cover these likes and dislikes during our initial consultation.  As we go along, your feedback will help me customize the meals even further to leave you ultimately satisfied.

Do you cook in my house?
According to your preferences, food can be prepared in your own kitchen or delivered to you at a convenient time.

How do you store the meals I've ordered?
Food is refrigerated in BPA-free, eco-friendly, heavy-duty reusable containers.  There is no deposit for this packaging, but there is a fee if containers are not returned or available to be picked up.

What are your credentials?
I have my Associate’s Degree from Kendall College, which includes my Food Sanitation Certification.  I was a US Foods Scholarship recipient and Dean’s List member while in school.  I worked for a year in Chicago’s professional restaurant business.  I spent over 3 years with Whole Foods Market, where I developed over 200 recipes and taught over 200 cooking classes as the Wellness Club Chef.  I have my Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition from eCornell’s T. Colin Campbell program.  Food runs in my soul and I am passionate about its ability to bring us together.

Hungry yet?  CLICK HERE for my full Spring and Summer 2016 Menu (includes meat, seafood, and dairy)

Chicago Personal Chef Katie Simmons

Chicago Personal Chef Katie Simmons

Simmering Away

Simmering Away

Healthy Meals Ready to Go

Healthy Meals Ready to Go

Chef Katie Simmons Grilling at a Cooking Class

Chef Katie Simmons Grilling at a Cooking Class

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