Nutrition, Education, and Motivation that remind us why Plants-Rule.  Supporting a plant-based, whole-foods diet with scientific evidence.  A chef's passion for ingredients with the realistic practicality of a home cook.  These articles offer insight into the benefits of a vegan diet with the humor to support a balanced healthy lifestyle. 

Indian and Italian Cuisines: 6 Things you Already Know about Italian Food Can Help you Understand Indian Cuisine

When it comes to Indian cuisine, it can be quite confusing.  Many of us simply aren’t used to 5 different types of Masala, and a typical Indian menu can be quite overwhelming.  However, many of us can understand the basics of Italian cuisine.  We’ve heard that Italian food is marked by regional specialties, pasta is a big deal, dishes focus on a few key ingredients, and an Italian grandma guarantees you will be well-fed.  Here are 6 similarities between Italian and Indian food traditions.  You can use what you know about Italian food to understand some of the basics on Indian cuisine. 

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Step Four: Ditch the Oil, An Easy Change Towards a Healthy, Plant-Based Life

My Fourth, 5-minute “Get Healthy” Simple Step:  Ditch the Oil

Oil is pure fat, full of empty calories that our bodies naturally crave.  Cutting oil from your diet can mean easy weight loss, without calorie counting or deprivation.  Here are my Chef's tips on how to use oil-free cooking techniques like roasting, grilling, and steam-saute to create delicious, fat-free recipes that are packed with flavor and nutrition.  Plus nutrition tips look at some of the common myths about oil's benefits.

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Step Three: Four Fruits a Day, An Easy Change Towards a Healthy, Plant-Based Life

My third, 5-minute “Get Healthy” Simple Step: 4 Fruits a Day.  

Fruit is a healthy source of vitamins, fiber, and natural sweetness.  It can be a delicious treat any time of day, convenient for on-the-go snacking or an impressive healthy dessert.  With a rainbow of colors and flavors to choose from, fruit provides endless recipe possibilities.  My Chef's Guide will help give you new ideas on cooking fat-free, no-sugar-added recipes.  Plus, tons of vegan recipes and videos to get you inspired.  

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Step Two: Add Some Beans, An Easy Change towards a Healthy, Plant-Based Life

My second, 5-minute “Get Healthy” Simple Step: Add Some Beans.  Beans are a healthy source of plant-based protein, loaded with heart-healthy fiber, and provide other key nutrients like iron and calcium.   Canned beans are still one of the cheapest proteins on the market, making healthy eating both affordable and convenient.  My Chef's Guide shows you how to cook the ultimate beans, by adding fat-free, oil-free flavor.  Plus, tons of vegan recipes to get you inspired.  

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Step One: Get Your Greens, An Easy Change towards a Healthy, Plant-Based Life

My first, 5-minute “Get Healthy” Simple Step: Get Your Greens

Green vegetables are fundamental to healthy eating.  They are low in calories but high in nutrition.  They are packed with cancer-fighting antioxidants, satisfying fiber, healthy Omega-3 fats, calcium, and plant-based protein.  They also offer a wider variety of flavor, texture, and tons of cooking options.  Eat them raw in a salad, wilt some spinach in your soup, steam some broccoli for your stir-fry, drink a green smoothie as an on-the-go breakfast.  Stew some collards, roast some Brussels, braise some chard…you get the idea.   Bottom line: Keep it simple.

Here’s my Ultimate Chef’s guide to Greens – how they taste, what to do with them, and why you need more.

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Media, Press, and Partnerships

A collection of media and press featuring Personal Chef Katie Simmons and her Plants-Rule message promoting a healthy, plant-based lifestyle.  Her recipes, photos, and articles have been featured on other vegan websites, podcasts, and in cooking videos.  Contact her to for speaking events, food demonstrations, and educational cooking collaborations.

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Beans, Greens, and Black-Eyed Peas: 7 New Year’s Food Traditions from Around the World that you Can Celebrate with a Healthy, Vegan Diet

All over the world, people have celebrated New Year’s with foods meant to symbolize their hopes for good fortune and good health.  From leafy greens to hearty lentils, many of these foods also fit a plant-based, vegan diet.  Here’s a guide to the history of 7 traditions and some delicious, healthy recipes to celebrate.

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The Ultimate Baked Latkes: How to Make Healthy, Gluten-Free, Vegan, Oil-Free Jewish Potato Pancakes

The latke is a traditional potato pancake meant to symbolize good luck when eaten during the Jewish Hanukkah celebrations.  Traditional recipes are made with eggs, a little flour, and deep-fried in oil, but my version uses gluten-free, vegan alternatives.  I’ll show you how to ditch the oil for healthy, low-fat latkes that are still crispy.  I’ve got a delicious dairy-free alternative to the sour cream that usually accompanies.  Plus some fun ideas on how to add your own flavor twists and incorporate new vegetables.

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Twisted Gluten-Free Holiday Menu: 6 Healthy, Plant-Based, Oil-Free, Vegan Recipes with Chef's Flavor Twists on the Classics

Are you looking for some new, easy flavor twists on the classic holiday recipes?  Wanting creative ideas to have a healthy, delicious celebration?  Need some inspiration for a plant-based, vegan menu?  Here are 6 incredible oil-free recipes for a traditional Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner.  From Stuffed Acorn Squash to Sweet Potato Pineapple Casserole to Five Spice Pears and Figs, I've got you Covered.  Plus, irresistible Cocoa Thumbprint Cookies for dessert.  All gluten-free.  All packed with incredible flavor.

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Traditional Holiday Menu: 6 Healthy Plant-Based, Oil-Free, Vegan Recipes with Chef's Tips and Prep List

Are you looking for healthy way to celebrate the holidays with a delicious plant-based, vegan menu?  Here are 6 incredible oil-free recipes for a traditional Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner.  From Stuffed Pumpkin to the Ultimate Vegan Mashed Potatoes and Gravy to Cranberry Apple Sauce, you're covered.  Plus, Gluten-Free Pumpkin Pie for Dessert.  Get the Essential Cookbook for a Free Bonus Recipe, Chef's Tips, Shopping Lists, and More

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Cashews, Tofu, and Pumpkin Puree: When and How to Use Healthy Plant-Based Substitutes for Cheese and Dairy in Your Favorite Recipes

Cheese is an unhealthy food, high in saturated fat, salt, and cholesterol.  Americans are eating more every year, and it's challenging to find dairy-free alternatives.  With cashews, tofu, and pumpkin purees, you can replicate the same rich, creamy flavor of your favorite cheese.  Here are my Chef's Tips on how and when to use these plant-based vegan options.  Plus, answers to your common questions about soy, nut allergies, and GMO's.

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7 Best Fall Soups: The Ultimate Healthy Plant-Based Recipes to Use up Summer's Vegetables and Taste Fall's Flavors

Here are the 7 Best Plant-Based Fall Soups Recipes.  Recipes either use up the last of summer's bounty or they embrace the first crop of winter's hearty vegetables.  This list includes some easy, healthy, oil-free vegan twists on some classics.  Plus new flavors explore Asian dashi, Cajun spice, and Nordic simplicity.  Soup is on!  Time to start cooking!

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Marathon Memories: How a Plant-Based Diet Help Me Run Away from Food Addiction

For Chicago runners, October means one thing: Marathon.  The marathon has often been a source of bad memories for me, reminding me of my past life as a food addict.  I would over-exercise to the point of injury to fight off the effects of my sugar and dairy addictions.  A photo from the Lakefront path this summer offered me the opportunity to acknowledge the changes I've made.  Embracing a whole foods, plant-based vegan diet has allowed me to let go of food addiction and enjoy running for fun.

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6 Steps to Let Things Simmer: A Recipe and Life Lesson from a Broken Microwave

On Sunday morning, my microwave broke.  This disruption to my routine taught me a healthy life lesson in the importance of letting things simmer.  Sometimes it's best to put raw ideas and frantic creative energy into a pot, then calm down and walk away.  Here are 6 steps on how to simmer and delicious, plant-based recipes to savor the delicious outcome.

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End of Summer Menu: 6 Healthy Plant-Based Vegetarian Recipes to Celebrate the Garden's Bounty

Summer is coming to an end, and it's time to savor the flavors bursting from the garden.  This healthy, gluten-free, vegetarian menu showcases ripe tomatoes, juicy peaches, sweet corn, crunchy broccoli, and refreshing cucumbers.  Try these oil-free, vegan recipes as part of your delicious plant-based lifestyle.

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