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5 Ways a Personal Chef Can Make Your Life Easier

You hire personal trainers, personal assistants, and personal stylists – all in an attempt to make your life easier, reduce stress, and give you more energy.  Have you ever considered hiring a personal chef?

Here are 5 ways you can benefit from a personal chef:

  1. Save time

A personal chef does all of the shopping, meal prep, cooking, and cleaning that comes with cooking.  She can save you 10-12 hours a week that you spend looking for new recipes, making emergency runs to the grocery store, and scrubbing dirty pots.  This is 10-12 hours that you can spend doing the things you want – whether it’s managing your business, taking on a couple more clients, or watching your son’s baseball game. 

2. Reduce Stress

"I am so happy that we found Chef Katie – our experience with her has been outstanding!  We appreciate her organization and creativity each week and her dedication to providing a healthy variety of tasty dishes. We highly recommend Chef Katie!"  -- Diana L, client following a strict Paleo diet

No more panicking over what to put on the dinner table.  Rather than a frantic run to the grocery store or a speed-thaw of a frozen chicken breast, you’ll come home to a fridge full of delicious food, waiting for you to enjoy.  No looking up recipes or making shopping lists.  Rather, just warm up some vegetable lasagna in the oven or simmer a bison stew on the stove.  Dinner is served.

Watermelon Salsa Cups

3.       Eat Healthier

"Katie has been cooking for my family for two years. She is by far the best personal chef that I have ever had. She is a delight to work with in creating delicious menus around a gluten sensitivity that I have.  We love the variety of her different dishes and the fact that all the food is fresh and organic." -- Lisa, client with low-residue (Crohn's), low-glycemic, gluten-free diet

A well-trained chef will cook fresh food, made from scratch.  She will start with whole ingredients.  By eating real food, you’ll cut down on the high levels of sodium, preservatives, and refined ingredients found in processed foods.  You’ll be less likely to rely on takeout and delivery, rather eating a healthy variety of vegetables, organic meats, and unrefined whole grains.

4.       Save Energy

"Katie made excellent suggestions on how to get our picky eater to try veggies, and was compassionate and fun! And we lost a total of 20 lbs eating Chef Katie's food! You need to hire Katie if you want to make a fresh start in healthy eating." -- Jenn O., client starting a 100% plant-based, oil-free diet

Once you have developed a relationship with a chef, she is almost like another partner.  She can help set up a healthy, interesting menu that keeps everyone in your family satisfied.  She will pick up that “extra jar of almond butter” or “dice some watermelon” for healthy snacks.  She knows how to sneak butternut squash into the kids' mac and cheese and cauliflower into the "Fried Nice".  The ease and convenience of having your meals prepared will pay for itself in the calm relaxation you can enjoy. 

5.       Come Back to the Dinner Table

"Our son has multiple severe food allergies and is a picky eater on top of that. I trust Katie and her extensive food knowledge to come up with healthy and safe meals for our family that are also delicious for the adults." - Genevieve, client with a son dealing with multiple food allergies

Hiring a personal chef brings a renewed appreciation for food.  This often comes as a pleasant surprise to my clients.  After more than 8 years of cooking for people, though, I treasure the joy that comes around the dinner table.  I cook for many diets with dietary restrictions.   Many of them have developed negative feelings towards food – often the food that is supposed to “nourish” them has made them sick, caused them to gain weight, or caused a division among picky eaters.  Whether it’s a teenager with Celiac or a 30 just wanting to lose weight, I’ve been able to make people fall in love with food again.  My clients feel the impact that eating well as on their overall quality of life.

Common Questions: 

Isn’t a personal chef a luxury, just for the super-wealthy?

No!  All kinds of people hire personal chefs: busy families, a home with two working spouses, people with specific dietary requirements, patients undergoing strict medical procedures on special diets, those who simply prefer to let others do the cooking, as a gift for new parents or just for fun!  Pricing starts at $200/week.  With groceries, a typical family of four spends about $1600/month for their freshly-made, healthy, organic meals.

A personal chef offers personal attention.  She will cater to your special diets, your recipe requests, and your nutrition goals.  She will simplify your life and keep you motivated to stay healthy. 

Ready to see how a Personal Chef can make your life easier?

Start with 1 month of services.  Try it for 4 weeks and see what a difference it can make.

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