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Food Craftsman: Chef Ryan Parker

Meet the Food Craftsmen

Chef Ryan Parker is the master behind the Food Craftsmen, where the mission is to help you create like a chef and master the kitchen.  This website offers tons of great resources for you to learn essential cooking techniques, plus answer your basic questions on buying kitchen gear and where to eat.  

I met Ryan when we were hired to be Wellness Chefs for Whole Foods Market.  While I was sauteing it up in Chicago, Ryan was busy with cooking classes and recipe development near Boston.  These days he calls home to Detroit, where he teaches at Dorsey Culinary Academy.  He is a true teacher, driven to share his knowledge and passion for food.  His knack for joke-telling and splash of sass will leave you smiling...and helps you laugh at your mistakes.

My Favorite Posts:

While the recipes and cooking techniques on Plants-Rule will always be 100% plant-based, Ryan can help guide your cooking into the world that includes eggs, butter, and meat.  Some of my favorite posts from him are:


1) How to Poach an Egg

Poaching is one of the many ways to cook eggs. A beautifully poached egg is something to marvel at. The white of the egg is perfectly cooked while the yolk is warm and velvety. For this you want to have a pan with some depth to it.

2) Best Cookware Deals

For this months installment of “The Best Cookware Deals” you should be looking for items that make your life easier in the kitchen. We’re talking small kitchen appliances which allow you to prep faster, and have a little more fun in the kitchen.

3) Chef Ryan as Teacher

Any teacher can appreciate the joy of seeing your students present their creations.  Watching Ryan in front of students, whether young adults in culinary school or older patrons at Whole Foods, is always a treat.

Today at work we worked on yeast breads, the sponge method, and making pizzas. What a fun day for pizzas.

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