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Italian Plant-Based Winter Menu: Garlic Bath Inspired

Amniotic Garlic Bath

Listening to a recent interview on NPR's Fresh Air with Bee Wilson, the author of How We Learn to Eat, she discussed how eating habits begin as early as the fetus.  She described how mothers who ate garlic often produced children who naturally preferred the taste of garlic, even on plain cereal.  I'll share more of her insights in a future post, but let's first fantasize about the image of an Amniotic Garlic Bath.  I mean, really, who wouldn't love to go soak in a whirlpool of roasted garlic goodness?

Garlic Bath Beads

Garlic Bath Beads

Meatless Italian: A Natural Fit

Sweet Potato Gnocchi, traditional vegetarian

Sweet Potato Gnocchi, traditional vegetarian

Italian cuisine is perhaps one of the easiest for someone first adopting a vegetarian, meat-free meal.  Many of us are familiar with pastas and can boil spaghetti and bowties with relative ease.  It's easy to find good-quality canned tomatoes any time of the year, and it's no secret that fresh basil can transform a jarred sauce into a weeknight wonder.

Beyond just pasta, though, Italians also pride themselves on a love of seasonal produce.  In fact, the Slow Food movement, which calls for us to slow down and embrace the delicious local, seasonal produce we have, began in 1986 when McDonald's tried to open a franchise next to Spanish Steps in Rome.  

In the winter months, this means hearty bean soups with kale, swiss chard, and root vegetables.  Hearty mushrooms flavor a right Bolognese while sweet butternut squash adds creaminess to Polenta.  This seasonal simplicity inspires a recipe for winter pears poached in a simple vanilla bean bath.

Italian Winter Plant-Based Menu

Here are some of my favorite Italian Winter vegan recipes.  Savor the Garlic Baths they inspire:


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Chicago Personal Chef Katie Simmons

Chicago Personal Chef Katie Simmons

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