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Holiday Menu 2015

The Holidays are coming...Are you ready?

Are you trying to cook a healthy, plant-based, oil-free holiday menu?

Looking for a gluten-free menu that can please even picky foodies?

Need a Chef's help to guide?

This cookbook is your answer.

It comes ready with recipes, shopping Lists, prep plans, and chef's tips for a stress-free plant-based, whole-foods celebration.

You have a choice of two menus: One traditional and one "twisted" (also gluten-free).

Both menus are oil-free and free of refined sugars and syrups.

Get it now to start cooking today.

The Traditional Menu:

The "Twisted" Gluten-Free Menu:

Plus you get this BONUS recipe:

These are the best healthy recipes you'll try, whether you're looking for something easy (like Cranberry Sauce) or something for the Slow Cooker (like Five Spice Pears and Figs)