Chef Katie Simmons is the best personal chef in Chicago, but her journey to cooking has been a winding path from Kentucky to backpacking in New Zealand through culinary school at Kendall College and working for Whole Foods Market.  Her own frustrations of being an overweight fitness professional finally led her to embrace a plant-based, vegan diet.  She is excited to share her love of food and passion for cooking with this community.

 Chef Katie serving Korean Grilled Sweet Potato Bulgogi

Chef Katie serving Korean Grilled Sweet Potato Bulgogi

I am Chef Katie Simmons

  • A classically-trained chef
  • Passionate about Plant-Based Cooking
  • I'm on a mission to inspire, motivate, and educate. 
  • I want to help you eat healthy, delicious foods so that you can live a voracious life.
  • I test recipes repeatedly to ensure incredible flavor.
  • I seek new ingredients and inspirations from fellow chefs, farmers markets, and ethnic grocers.

How did a Kentucky girl become a classically-trained chef with a passion for Plant-Based Cooking?  My Story

My Story

Kentucky Roots
Backpacking in New Zealand
Classic Culinary Training
Plant-Based Passion
50 Pound Weightloss

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